Thank you for showing interest in our affiliates program. Here’s how it works:

You sign up and we give you a super special magical link (it’s called a creative). Every time you share Neko Creations or one of our products using that nifty link and someone clicks on it they get a cookie (the boring digital kind). If sometime within 30 days of receiving their cookie they buy anything at all on our website (even if it’s not the thing you shared specifically) you get money!

How much money? Honestly, not a lot. Your commission rate will be 2% of every sale. Why so low? We have to account for manufacturing costs and this program is fairly new -but- we also have a super secret bonus program… if you earn a ton of commissions and we see how hard you’re working to get us seen on the Internet we might bump up your percentage.

How do you get your money? Well, you need to earn a minimum of $5 before I can pay you. Payments will be made via PayPal as soon as our system notifies us you’ve made enough. Please sign up with the email you’d like to be paid through.

How to get started? Fill our the form below and then visit our affiliates portal. The commissions tab shows your earnings and the creatives tab shows you how to make the links you share magical. Don’t forget to use them or you won’t be able to earn money!