8bit Childhood Dreams

Hello kittens! We present the soft launch of our new line, 8bit Nostalgia Bouquet. You can get this awesome artwork printed on pretty much anything. This design shows white trilliums around a pink gameboy console […]


Hello out there, kitties! Are you having an awesome Caturday (and free comic book day to my fellow nerds)? Well it’s about to get even better! We here at Neko Creations are thrilled to announce […]

New Shiny Things!

Here in Northern Michigan where Feeby is, it is bright and sunny but still a bit chilly. So, to brighten things here is an evolving art concept. Feel free to comment with name ideas, there […]

Oh Deer! How Sweet!

Oh Deer! How Sweet!

Look at this sweet fawn and mama doe in this adorable Deer Mother’s Love Tote Bag! It will make everyone around you go “awww!” This tote is great for multiple uses: shopping, con-going, or just […]