Welcoming A New Minion To The NC Team

Welcoming A New Minion To The NC Team  Hello, everyone! My name is Ashlee, though you might know me as Lady of Grace, and I just started working alongside Feeby and the Neko Creations crew; helping out with social media posts, communications and maybe testing out some shinies. I first discovered this lovely artist at JAFAX 2017 and absolutely fell in love with them. They were so welcoming and greeted me with a smile.

I suppose you’re wondering by now what kept me coming back? That’s easy. Great goodies. The art is so fun and colorful. You can see it from a few feet away and there’s so much to choose from! Every time you walk up to the table it’s always “Everything is touchable, darlings.” If that doesn’t speak friendly then I don’t know what does.

I recently purchased a small bag with a dragon on it from them when I attended ShutoCon this past March. It may look small but it is in fact quite roomie on the inside. It is lined and I was able to fit my wallet, camera, DVD’s for autograph signings, con booklet, schedule, and a full (grande) sized Starbucks coffee cup on the inside (same would work with a full sized water bottle) and was still able to zip it up. Not all the way, but enough to grab your drink and put it back in without much effort. It is one of my favorite bags and will come with me to every convention!

Going forward what I look forward to the most is interacting with fans and creating posts/the occasional review as well as getting to work along side John and Feeby. There are definitely fun times ahead for sure.

Note: due to the speed at which it sells out the Dragon Bag featured in this post can only be purchased at conventions or via direct request.

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