This FAQ begins with the artist and ends with shipping and returns. If you have a question not answered here please contact me.

About The Shiny Human Behind The Art

Q: What’s up with Neko? What does it mean?

A: Neko is a Japanese word that means cat. Cats are a big part of my life. Not just cause they’re awesome and cute but also because we take in kitties with special needs that have trouble finding homes otherwise. Some of them have medical issues and others behavioral and many are just elderly. In total, at this moment, we house 13. Please don’t bring me cats though. I encourage you to seek out local resources and no-kill shelters.

Q: Why did I pick a Japanese word if I’m not even remotely Asian?

A: Two reasons. The first is… well… it was a typo. I was filling out a form online and for some reason autocorrect put Neko and it just stuck. The second is that I really love and find inspiration in Japanese culture and art- not even just anime style but so much more. Everything from city street fashion to rural shrines and mythology. It all fascinates me and I hope to visit there someday.

Q: Do you really have blue hair?

A: Right this second? Probably. Either that or it’s rainbow. Or pink. Could be purple. If I’m between deadlines and haven’t come out of my cave in awhile and thus haven’t bothered with it, it could be some faded sad green.

Q: Did you go to art school? How did you learn how to draw?

A: Oh golly, the answer to this is all over the place. I’ve been writing and drawing since I could write and draw. Creating is just my everything. It’s all I ever want to do in any way I can do it. Some people might say I have a natural “talent” for it but I’d rather say I’ve always had a natural “passion” instead that has made me work harder toward it than I might have.

When I was 8 or so my grandpa took the time to teach me some things about classically trainee artists that always stuck with me and are the basis for a lot of my art. Beyond that the only formal education I’ve had was freshmen year at an art school that really didn’t teach me a whole lot of art… In short, I’ve been responsible for all of my own learning. I’m constantly reading, watching videos and listening to radio shows and podcasts about art. Always absorbing and trying new things.

I think the best way to learn is to experiment and see what works for yourself.

Q: What tools do you use to draw?

A: Anything I can get my hands on sometimes lol. Via traditional art, which I don’t do a ton of because it’s not very feline and travel friendly, I use everything from acrylics to watercolors. Pastels to pens. I love playing with ink especially.

For my more common digital art I’m always trying out new tools and programs just in case and because it helps me help some of my fellow artists but primarily I use MediBang Paint Pro, a free cross platform (Windows, Mac, Apple, Android) program built from Paint Tool Sai. It’s amazing and I love it so much.

Via hardware I’ve used a lot of things: Wacom Bamboo, Intuos Pro, Surface Pro but I am most happy with my current setup using an iPad Pro and a first gen Apple Pencil. It’s the closest I’ve ever felt to working traditionally while digital and allows me to travel while I create. Ten out of ten bright shiny stars, would highly recommend.

Q: Where are you from?

A: The land of Oz… for real though, I was born in California and lived all over the place until I was 10. Since then I’ve lived in Northern Michigan.

Q: What inspires you?

A: Rainbows, cats, galaxies, mythology. Japanese culture, Celtic culture. Nature, bubbles, science, magic. My fellow creators, so much manga, fashion, old abandoned places, kindness. Drippy things, trippy things, splatters, fish. Masks, duality, shadows, light, ink, tea, did I mention rainbows? I have a thing for color but also the lack of color where it’s up to your mind to fill in something beyond the paint. Music, ribbons, wings, taste. Stories.

Q: Can I meet you?

A: Maybe someday. I go to and sell at a lot of anime conventions in the midwestern area. If you’re ever at the same one as me feel free to come on up to my booth or table and say hi. Make sure to introduce yourself even if we’ve met before or you’ve been following my work for ages. I tend to suffer face blindness in high sensory input situations and sometimes won’t recognize people I’ve known for years if I’ve gone more than a couple weeks without seeing them.

I also might be busy doing that thing where I’m trying to make money to support my art so if you want to hang out and chat you might have to be patient till a slow time. Just tell me so and check back in, I’ll let you know when works for me.

Q: Why didn’t you respond to me on x social media comment/message or via email?

A: I tend to be a very busy kitty with a lot of demands for my time and energy on top of legitimate adult ADHD which makes it hard for me to focus and remember things (no matter how many or where I put sticky notes). If it’s something requiring a response please feel free to try again. Sometimes I see something and I don’t have energy to respond in that moment and then it falls out of my head and I forget it still needs a response. Via email- sometimes things are lost. I’ve never found a perfect system for this so please always try again.

But- if you’re just saying hi, sup, poke or sending a cute gif… it’s lovely, I adore you, but I likely won’t respond. My energy is very limited. Start with a straightforward question or comment. I don’t do small talk.

About The Art

Q: Can I use your art?

A: Depends on the context. If you’d like to share my work you must link back to one of my social media accounts or my website. Not just sharing my username but a proper link people can click. I know it’s tedious but after all the hours I put into each piece it’s a pretty small request.

If you want to use my work as avatars, profile pics, social media covers, etc, you must leave my signature in place.

If you want to use my work on a shirt or other physical item you must go through me and either buy it from my store or set up printing with me. Artists have to eat food in order to draw. Food costs money.

For other uses I have to thought of please contact me and we’ll work something out.

Q: I saw someone using your art?

A: Seen someone using my art in a manner that goes against what I stated above? Think they might be stealing my work? Please let me know ASAP. You will have my eternal gratitude and maybe a heavily discounted commission or a coupon for my store as thanks. My work is how I support my family and anyone reselling my stuff or giving my art to the public without a link back takes away from that.

Q: Do you take trades, requests, commissions?

A: Trades only with close friends for something that I already want. I do sometimes trade art for work, like if I need some marketing done but that’s very rare. You’re welcome to approach me for trades but keep your expectations low.

Requests = free art. I’m sorry. I don’t do free art. End of story.

Commissions, absolutely. I take less commissions these days due to a tendon injury that limits my hand super powers and often spend more time focusing on my personal artwork but I encourage you to read my commissions page and reach out if you’re interested.

Q: Where can I find more of your work?

A: Follow this link to my links page which is, in theory, updated with my latest places and corners of the internet where I may have recently barfed rainbows.

Shopity Shop FAQ

Q: Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

A: Yes but you should expect a potentially higher shipping rate and processing time. For many of my items I use a printer that has fulfillment centers in different parts of the world in order to keep both cost and time to get to you down but depending on where you are this might be unavoidable. If for any reason at all my site says I can’t accept your order please contact me and I will look into it right away.

Q: When will my stuff ship?

A: Many items in my store are print in demand, meaning they don’t physically exist until you purchase them. At that point a printer revs up their engines and makes it happen before sending it to you. This process can take 3 days to a week but when things are crazy (think holidays or pandemics) times might be longer.

Q: What if I need to cancel my order?

A: In the event that your order has been significantly delayed I will totally work with you on this just send me a contact message. For all other cancellations you have 24 hours before I can’t simply refund your money. Sometimes as long as 48 hours but don’t risk it. Assume you have 24 until an item goes to printing and someone has to pay for it.

Q: What is your return and refund policy?

A: This answer has a few conditions.

If an item arrives damaged: take a picture and send it to me ASAP. I must be able to determine that the item arrived that way and was not damaged by the receiver. There are lots of people who will try to take advantage of things when they get something new and accidentally damage it after having it for a short time. I have to assume everyone is doing this until I see photo evidence. Remember your manners as I don’t personally ship most items, if an item has arrived damaged and is no fault of your own I will almost always gladly replace it. Rarely will I issue a refund if an item can be replaced.

If you receive the wrong item: take a picture and send it to me ASAP. I will have you ship it back to me and will make certain you receive the correct item. Again, I don’t personally handle 90% of shipping and accidents happen. Take a picture of your shipping receipt and return-shipping will be refunded. The incorrect item must be unused and with as much of the original packaging possible. Refunds are seldom given in this case but I may provide you a discount on a future purchase for your trouble.

If you’ve changed your mind, you don’t like it or you want something else: provided the item is unopened I will happily exchange it for another. You pay shipping and any difference in cost of exchanged item. No refunds will be given in this case. You have 7 days of listed arrival to contact me.

If you accidentally ordered the wrong size: email me explaining things, don’t wear the item more than the single time it takes to figure out the mistake and save as much of the packaging as you can. Provided the item is still in good condition I’ll see about arranging an exchange. Exchanges are not always possible but I’m very willing to do what I can to make sure you get the right thing. 🙂 Refunds not available in this situation.

Q: My package never arrived. What should I do?

A: I am not the post office and as soon as something leaves the fulfillment center it’s out of my hands until it’s in yours. Take your tracking number provided in the email (if you’ve lost the tracking number I should be able to look it up for you and happily will) to your local post office/FedEx/UPS depending on your chosen shipping method. They will be able to help you much more than I can.

I am not responsible or liable if your package is misplaced by the post office, delivered to the wrong address (based on the information you filled out) or stolen from your porch. I hate when these things happen but I’m not the mail-lady or a police officer. Sorry.