Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Where do I see how much money I’ve made? Your affiliate portal. You can find it at the bottom right hand corner of the website.

How do I make an affiliate link? Click here to go to your affiliate portal. Click the tab that says “Creatives.” Either insert the link you want to turn into an affiliate link into the generator or add your affiliate code (/?wpamid=#) to the end of the Neko Creations link you want to use.

How does my affiliate link work? When you share a link with your affiliate code inside it and someone later uses it to buy something our system goes “Oh! We got this sale because that shiny person suggested it, we should give them money!” And that’s what we do.

How and when do I get paid? Payments are done via PayPal. No PayPal, no money. Sorry. Payments are automatically made when our system registers you have made $5.00 in referral sales or “Commissions.”

I shared a ton of links but I’m not making any money??? Did you make sure to use your affiliate link? So long as a customer clicked a link of yours and comes back to the site within 30 days of clicking it (that’s how long our system will remember they clicked it) and buys something you should earn commissions.

How much will I make? Currently affiliates can earn 2% of a total sale. It’s not a lot but this program is new and we are testing things. People who earn commissions often will be invited to earn more via a bonus program.

I didn’t get to pick a password when I signed up? If you were not logged into Neko Creations when you signed up for our affiliate program you will get a chance to add a password after I approve your application.