Drippy Stars and Milkyway

This drippy picture is ready to take you on a trip to outer space! You won’t even need a rocket! With a kitty and a bird, this picture alternates between it’s beauty or being yummy […]

ToonMe Challenge 2020

I really should have done work yesterday but I fell in love with the #toonme challenge/meme/thingy floating around and got sucked in. I have angered the hand gods (old tendon injury) but it was so […]

Happy Holidays!

It’s a polar bear munching on a candy cane, surrounded by a ton of teeny tiny little red and green ones… it could really be any flavor you could possibly imagine because we recognize not everyone (including bears) like peppermint. What’s your favorite holiday candy?

A Friend In The Woods

Hi kittens! It’s been a busy summer! Look who it is! It’s your favorite friend on this Ghibli-inspired Print! Decorate your walls with this square print, now available in 10×10, 12×12, 14×14, 16×16, and 18×18. […]