Forest Guardian Sketch

As per some very good advice I wanted to practice some more traditional styled art. This was supposed to be a simple chibi. I even drew it on a piece of printer paper I found on the floor under my husband’s desk so I wouldn’t try to make it all perfect and shiny… well… I’m in love with it. I’m very proud of how my little forest guardian turned out. Her name is Masanti Trekihn- more on that later.

This is just pencil and Microns (sizes 005 and 03) and like I said, regular printer paper. I brought out and used my cute little mobile scanner for the very first time ever- usually I just use my phone’s camera. It was worth it. Later today I’m going to be going over her with colored pencils- hence the scan because there is no edit + undo in traditional art.

Stay turned for progress pics!

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