New Artwork, Updates, and Other Important Things


New Artwork, Updates, and Other Important Things Sorry-not-sorry* for the silence, lovelies. I’ve been in a mountain of pain the last few days. Scoliosis, a curved spine, means that sometimes it is impossible to find a comfortable way to sleep. On one side I feel like my ribs are trying to mash into one another. On the other it feels like I’m being stretched apart. Stomach sleeping is a no and sleeping flat sometimes leaves me feeling like I’ve been boxing instead of resting.

On these days I feel best when I’m sitting up, hunched over a bunch of pillows until things move back into place.

Since I’ve been fairly immobile the last couple days I decided I should continue my new mission to level up my art and draw more of what I feel.

So I present to you: Mountain Of Pain

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*trying to break the habit of apologizing for taking me time*