New Year, New Work In Progress

New Year, New Work In Progress First art of the new year. Muchly in the WiP stage. 🙂 Part of a new thing I’m starting.

I’d like to start working on art inspired by the places we go in our minds to escape child abuse and other trauma. When no one saves us and we save ourselves using the worlds we’ve built within.

This is based on a terrifying experience I had as a kid. As an adult I look back and know I was safe but at the time I really thought I was in danger. My bio-womb would kind of… leave me places... like I wasn’t abandoned quite because I maybe saw her for a few minutes out of most days. My necessities were met, I was just alone. Always.

I was pretty good at entertaining myself but sometimes things would get too quiet… as the day wore on and the sun began to set. The silence would get loud. There was a sound between the nothing that the shadows made. A fizzy sort of thing that felt like TV static.

I used to call for her. I’d keep the phone near or just shout for her for awhile… until one night I realized she was never going to come. So I made a warrior to fight the shadows. I closed my eyes and slipped away, letting her take my place. The shadows could hurt her, cause she was small like me, but she was strong and could take it. Every fight would only make her stronger.