Strawberry Bliss Bunny Sketch Part 1

As some of you may know I’ve started up my daily sketch routine again with the turn of the New Year. For today’s sketch I asked my amazing Senpai Tiia to help me out with ideas. She suggested (in very her fashion) a bunny in a teacup. Cute and quirky, I was immediately all over that but it was such a broad idea. I wanted more. So, I told her I needed a color, a shape, three words and a synonym for happiness.

  • shape – pear
  • color – purple
  • words – strawberry, snowflake, chocolate
  • synonym – bliss

As a result I have drawn, in purple (which will also be the primary shading color), a bunny in a teacup. The bunny will be a nice rich chocolate color. His teacup is decorated with snowflakes and surrounded by strawberries to compliment the strawberry tea bag he’s busy nibbling on. His face shows what bliss looks like in my mind and the overall composition of the piece is pear shaped.

This is how Feeby does art prompts… simple things do not work for me…

I can’t wait to finish this one. I’m using my favorite software, MediBang, and I’ve been practicing this new process where I try to paint only on one layer. For you non art nerds that means doing digital a lot more like traditional, everything blends more and more easily. It’s harder to control the outcome and feels more wild- organic. It feels more like art than art already does if that makes sense? Either way it’s really fun and the more fun I have the better I tend to do. More updates in the future, nya!

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