ToonMe Challenge 2020

ToonMe Challenge 2020 I really should have done work yesterday but I fell in love with the #toonme challenge/meme/thingy floating around and got sucked in. I have angered the hand gods (old tendon injury) but it was so worth it. I really learned a lot with this piece and had so much fun. I’m also really proud of it which is something I don’t say very easily about my art.

This is a photo of Yen and I. Yen is my biggest Maneki Neko/Fortune Telling Cat (I collect them in all forms) and he comes with me to conventions. When sales are low and I’m worried about making my goals I pet his head and ask for help, just enough to get me over the line cause I’m not greedy. Somehow it always works. Superstitious? Maybe, but I don’t poke it if it ain’t broke.

ToonMe Challenge 2020

Annnnnd, for those of you who enjoy my progression pics as much as I do. Here’s my #toonme from start to finish.

Time taken: maybe 6 hours? I didn’t time this one as I was heavily distracted while working but if I had to guess I’d say something like that.
Software: Medibang. I love it. I love it so much. I do 99% of my digital art in this cross-platform, FREE program. I greatly encourage all of my fellow artists to give it a look.

Hardware: iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Important note for my younger or starting creators, while I have pretty cool tech on my side these days and I’m able to work decently fast at times- you don’t NEED cool tech and programs to make amazing work like this. You don’t need to be fast to be awesome. Just be you. No one starts out with great stuff, skill, speed, etc. Certainly not me. I just share these specs because I get asked about them a lot.

Some of my favorite pieces were done over the course of a week with a ballpoint pen on the back of old homework once upon a time.  

For those looking to commission me, commissions are currently full as I do post-holiday catch-up. You can still commission me but there is a 2 month (at most) wait before I can begin. Pieces like this one, based on time, would run you about $50.

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