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Happiness Inspired Designs

Feeby Neko is a blue haired self taught artist who specializes in creation and randomness. Generally found in her home in northwestern Michigan, surrounded by a herd of rescue kitties, she is also known to frequent anime and comic conventions. Currently she enjoys playing with her laser and lighting things on fire.

Ask Me About My Laser

Your Art Upgraded

Are you an artist looking to branch out into a new medium? Get your work engraved as plaques, boxes and more. 

Art pictured by Kat Jiang

Custom Charms

Do you have a design you want made into charms for resale as jewelry, keychains and more? We now have a quote calculator to give you a rough idea of what it will cost. Click here for more.

Everything Else

The sky is hardly the limit when your imagination is involved. Wood (colored and not), acrylic (some glows) and so much more. Displays, boxes, memorials. If you can think it, we can find a way!.