COVID Delays

Due to COVID-19 please expect shipping and fulfillment delays. Currently (as of August 2020) shipping times are subject to change rapidly and without warning as some of our items ship from areas where the virus is more prevalent than others.

We have no control over how long items take to get from point A to point B. Once we ship it- it is out of our hands.

Fullfilment - many of our items are print on demand, meaning they don’t physically exist until you buy them. Right now our fulfillment centers are running below capacity (slower) to maintain social distancing between workers. These times may also lengthen and shorten depending on where things are happening in the world.

Laser goodies - I ship those out personally once a week. Any delays and you will be emailed right away.

Blankets - Fulfillment times in the US are between 4 to 8 days 2 to 5 in Europe.

Art prints and stickers - Fulfillment times are 2 to 5 days across the board.

Shirts - Fulfillment times are 6 to 12 days in the US and 2 to 7 days in Europe.