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This is Antelle, a woodland forest spirit that lives beyond simple things such as gender and whether or not one should eat daisies for breakfast. Surrounded by their trustworthy friends fox and rabbit while a couple of birds try to make a nest out of their hair, they are made of starlit freckles and the roots where stories grow.

Buy once and print at home or color digitally as many times as your heart desires.

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By purchasing this download you agree:

- not to remove the signature or logo (you’re supporting me as an artist and helping others find me if you show it off and someone likes it).
- not to freely share or resell this file (I require food to make more cool things and food costs money). Resale includes printing on items and selling them.
- not to claim the lineart as yours or trace it for reuse elsewhere.

Further important notes:

- I cannot help you with your printer settings. Each printer is a different beast.
- occasionally the download doesn’t like mobile browsers. You will get a download link in your email as well. If you continue to have trouble don’t hesitate to contact us.
- if coloring digitally I suggest setting the lineart to top and changing the layer to “multiply” as these are not transparent PNGs.