Lighthouse Dangle Hook Earrings

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For centuries lighthouses have guided the way on stormy nights so ships don’t crash upon the rocks, be it the edges of the ocean or the shores of the Great Lakes. Now a romantic symbol for finding one’s way through the dark. Featuring shimmer metal paint on the golden beams and silver land.

Made from recycled wood and meticulously hand painted, with the help of several cats, these earrings measure 1.5 inches tall by 0.8 inch wide and 1/8th inch (3 mm) thick. They’re very light weight and adorned with silver colored hooks. At this time I can’t say for certain what metal these hooks are so if you have allergies please reach out to us. We can also do clip ons by request

Please note: these are made with human hands and as such may contain imperfections unrelated to quality.